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Other point to mention is that of our environmental responsibility that has a part to play with our ethical practices. We will not knowing use or conceptually bring to life an idea that will cause more pollution, poisoning and degradation to the environment just for profits and continued business. For example, Memac Ogilvy is one of the advertising agencies involved in the promotion of the Volkswagen Touareg Memac Ogilvy, 2014. This all wheel, off road vehicle that has high powered but uneconomical engines, which are the most environmentally unsafe because they produce unhealthy exhaust, as mentioned in an article written by Mikhail Khmelev Khmelev, 2014. Their angle for advertising is about the technological advancement of the cars but not about how the car can help save the environment. Our organization has been looking into other environmentally conscious companies that have been seriously committed to changing their environment and how they do business. One such company is Namaste Solar. According to B Corporation, the company is based in Colorado in the United States, it is an employee owned cooperative that designs, installs and maintains solar electric systems for homes and businesses. They were also awarded LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification in 2010, from the United States Green Building Council for the way in which they used recycled/reclaimed building materials, saved water and made work stations out of 90% recycled materials, to construct their main office B Corporation, 2014. Another design company Gensler, is one of the largest design firms in the world, they focus also on eco friendly designs and have been incorporating these ideas in many if not all of their work. One such building is Devon Energy Centre in Oklahoma, U.

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Fill flash can be used for sunny day portraits for shadows on a subject’s face or to fill any shaded area that is out of the sunlight.